Jacks / Cylinders

Get informed about our jacks. ln case you do not find a suitable jack or you want more information, please get in contact with us.

Flat jacks with floating piston
(ZE 078)

Jacks with locking ring - extra flat 20 mm stroke
(ZE 086)

Light-weight, heavy-duty flat jacks ZERK
(ZE 067)

Flat jacks with locking ring
630 bar
(ZE 087)

Jacks w. locking ring
400 bar
(ZE 075)

Jacks w. locking ring
630 bar
(ZE 076)

Compact jacks with locking ring
(ZE 0813)

Jacks single acting
(ZE 021)

Cylinder double acting
210 bar
(ZD 090)

Cylinder double acting
400 bar
(ZD 022)

Center hole cylinders
(ZD 083)

(ZD 024)