We can offer an extensive range of rental equipment for lifting, lowering, pushing and stressing etc. with changes regularly.
Flat jacks
Lifting load 12-200 t, stroke 5- 50 mm
Flat jacks with locking ring
Lifting load 10-790 t, stroke 20-500 mm
Double acting cylinders
Pushing force 80-1250 kN, stroke from 150 - 1,000 mm
Centre-hole cylinders
Pushing force 935 - 3150 kN, centre-hole bore 84- 240 mm
Power packs, hand punps, retraction pumps, valves, hoses, digital pressure gauges etc.
Incremental launching equipment
Lifting load up to 1570 t, pushing force up to 6080 kN
Clamp-type shifting units
Pushing force up to 5000 kN

For hydraulic installations, the individual components are connected with quick couplings and supplied ready for operation. If required our technicans will assist you in installation and use of the products on job site.

At the moment, we lease – subject to time-related availability – the following standard jacks:

Hydraulic jacks with locking ring

Hydraulic jacks with floating piston

Hydraulic centre-hole jacks

Double-acting jacks

  1. You found a suitable jack among the standard jacks listed above. Please let us know the following information so that we can provide you a leasing quotation:

    • Type of jack
    • Number of jacks
    • Approximate rental period
    • Building project (date)
    • Your contact details for quoting and any kind of questions

  2. and if needed:

    • High pressure hose (quantity and length- standard rental length: 1 m, 3 m, 6 m, 10 m)
    • Hydraulic distributor (2 way) with hand valve (quantity)
    • Hydraulic distributor (2 way) without hand valve (quantity)
    • Hydraulic hand pump (quantity)
    • (electric) hydraulic power pack (quantity)
    • Retraction pump (quantity)
    • Other accessories like manometer, compression distribution plates etc. (quantity)

    You can send your corresponding leasing request directly to Rental@Eberspaecher-Hydraulik.de

  3. In case you do not find a suitable jack among the standard jacks listed above and are interested in other leasing equipment or an advisory service, please inform us about your matter via e-mail under Rental@Eberspaecher-Hydraulik.de and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible, or call us under +49 (0)7021 950 60 0.

We look forward to hearing from you to offer you – if possible – suitable rental solutions for your building projects.